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Art work analysis

  Definition of art by Leonardo da Vinci: “Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world”. a.  I believe that this artwork, by Alex Senna is the one that best matches the … Sigue leyendo

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Games at Twilight by Anita Desai

Questions: 1- Check imformation about the writer (7 important facts) 2- Look up what “Twilight” symbolizes. (Use a dictionary for symbols) 3- Read the first pague of the story (pag 304) – look up new words in the Dictionary – describe … Sigue leyendo

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¡Hola mundo!

Te damos la bienvenida a Blogs del Colegio Las Cumbres. Este es tu primer artículo. Edítalo o bórralo… ¡y comienza a publicar!

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