Literary Periods – Valentina Re and Lucía Caviglione


I would say that the three periods I liked the most were the romantic period, the victorian period and the modern period. To begin with, I choose the romantic period as I found interesting the fact that it developed the concepts of nature, imagination an individuality, and I would like to see how the authors tackled them. Moreover, one of the writers of this period is Jane Austen and I would really enjoy reading some of her works. I have never read one of her books, only quotes or small fragments of them.

Furthermore, I also choose the victorian period. Mainly I choose this period because of the development of Aestheticism. I think it would be really interesting to see how they pictured the concept of beauty in society and nature in their writings. Another thing that made me choose this period is the fact that many of the most well-known writers are categorised in it such as Charles Dickens and the Brontë sisters or Oscar Wilde.

Finally I choose the modern period because of two different things. Firstly, I really seek to reading texts that illustrate the Harlem Renaissance and show how black writers made their way through literature. I believe it interesting to see how they used words and images to express the oppression suffered among ages. Also, another thing that led me to choose this period is that Virginia Woolf is a part of it. When we read last year her biography and her story “The lady in the looking glass” I was very intrigued and would really like to read more of her work. Moreover, she dealt with feminism and the role of women which I also find engaging and would love to see how she dealt with this topic in her writings when it wasn’t as commonly discussed as nowadays.

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    Wonderful choices valen!!

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