Art work analysis


  1. Definition of art by Leonardo da Vinci: “Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world”.
  2. a. 

I believe that this artwork, by Alex Senna is the one that best matches the definition I choose. In the definition, da vinci is trying to explain how art should be used as a way of communicating knowledge, perceptions of the world by the artists, to other generations. In this one, the artist is clearly trying to leave a message to the people that see it. He is trying to show how he sees society nowadays. Senna is trying to explain how humans are like puppets; they are controlled by several things such as society, the government, or either technology. By showing this, his perception of seeing the society we live in, he is using art to communicate with other generations which will be able to understand the way in which we live today. 



3. a. This artwork is made by Cinta Vidal and is a painting. However, its particularity is that the drawing is painted in wood instead of paper, a resource chosen by a lot of artists. This means that it took a lot of time and dedication.  We can see how the work is full of details, either in the houses, the trees, the people. This makes it a very realistic drawing. Moreover, she chose to do all the houses from different angles and make them connect in the middle. I believe that by this techniquec, she is trying to catch people’s attention because although the drawing is realistic they are not placed in the way they are in real life. what did she painted with? acrylic? oil? watercolours?

b.In this artwork, we can see how the artist chose to draw four different houses that connect in the middle. This ones are from different angles, but they end up joining in the same spot. Moreover, she also focused on doing trees and bushes representing the surroundings of the houses. All these was drawn with extreme details, which shows the artists dedication and effort on the artwork. Because of all these, is that we can say that this is a realistic art piece. Yes, but he house is floating, is that realistic?

c. i. In this masterpiece, the houses are on the center of the drawing. Moreover, they don’t occupy all the space, we can say that they occupy more or less 70% of the space as we can see that they are surrounded by parts which the artist chose not to work in. Furthermore, their are houses that are bigger and occupy more space than other ones. For example, the house that is at the bottom occupies more space than the other ones. However, the drawing also counts with the surroundings such as trees, bushes, and rocks that feel the space in between houses. What occupies the rest of the image?

ii. In this artwork we can identify different colours. On the one hand, we have warm colours such as the one of the cottage in the lower part that is brown. Moreover, we also have pastel colour such as the ones in the house in the right which is yellow. Finally we have also bright colours as the bigger house located above is white. Furthermore, we also have to take in consideration the surroundings. In this ones we also have a variety of colors as we have trees that are brown and are part of warm colours, but also other ones and bushes that are green and are part of brighter colours.   You can call this a polychromatic painting, which tries to respect the realistic colours of the elements in the figure, on a brown monochromatic background. While she uses warm and cool colours, these are not defining the choices in the painting. You can also say that she uses light colours in general.

d. One characteristic of this artwork, and one of the things I like me about it, is that there is not a defined way of looking at it. People can look at it from different angles and still being able to appreciate it. In my personal experience, I saw it from the top to the bottom, meaning  what I first saw was the house above as it is white which is a very bright color, which are the ones that most catch people’s attention. Next, I saw the houses that are at the right and left, and finally the house at the bottom as it is the one with warmer colors. Moreover, then I focused on the surroundings and how they are what connect the four houses and fill the space between them. Finally I realized that there were people in the drawing too, enjoying the landscape. Once I have seen the drawing I started looking at the difference between the four houses. I noticed the enormous contrast between them; how they go from a modern house to a cottage showing the different ways of living.

e. When I saw this artwork, it made me rethink the way of seeing things and made me understand that there are different ways of looking at  seeing the same thing. It happens to me that sometimes I am stuck only in my way of seeing thingsit and on my point of view, and don’t remember that there are different perspectives and that there is not one better than the other. I think that this is a characteristics of most of us humans, we think that our point of view is the only way in which things can be seen and that everyone should see it that way. However, this is not true, and I think this artwork transmits this. The fact that some houses are turned, shows that maybe for the person standing in the house above sees the house in the bottom turned meaning it’s perspective its wrong. However, standing in the house at the bottom you see it the other way around. [This thoughts are deep and insightful but correspond to the following questions, here you should write about your feelings.]

f. I believe that with this artwork, Vidal is trying to show how life can be seen from different perspectives and angles. The four houses are in different angles, but they all join in the middle and from all of them you can appreciate the surroundings. By this, I interpret that she is ting to show how despite seeing things from different perspectives people end up seeing the same. It is normal to interpret things in different ways as us, humans, don’t have all the same way of thinking and we have the capacity of being able to see things in our own way not taking in consideration how someone else does it. I think that with this drawing she is trying to embrace this quality. Moreover, I think that we can identify another massage in it too. We can clearly see the contrast between houses; how in one same drawing we have a modern house, a cottage, etc. With this, what I interpreted is that we can see how technology has advanced and taken control in almost everything. This is why we don’t live in the same houses that people used to live in years ago. With the technological advances and discoverys, more things and inventions can be done and help people to create new things and evolve.

4. I was unable to find a song that clearly matches the drawing nor its message. I didn’t know any song nor found in the internet which could portray what the artist is trying to show and leave as a message in her masterpiece.

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