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In the third term, in one of our literature classes we worked on an activity which consisted on making a poem. Following a series of steps we could individually achieve this activity and it ended up being quite interesting. The first step was to look for a picture in our gallery that we had taken ourselves. I choose a picture of dawn I had taken on my holidays in Pinamar. The second step, was to think of 5 nouns, 5 verbs and 5 adjectives. These ones could appear in the picture or could be the first thing that came to our minds when we saw it. Once you had accomplished these, you would go to the next step which was to create two literary devices; that have a connection with the words you have chosen and the picture. These could be a metaphor, a simile, symbolism, etc. I chose to use symbolism and metaphor. Once all these steps were achieved you could start writing your poem. In the poem all the words and the two literary devices had to appear. This seemed difficult at first. However, as we had done the previous steps, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. After writing the poem, I worked on the final step. In this one, we had to gather in pairs. Each one will share the poem. After, we would give opinions and suggest changes, or not. This was the final chance to edit our poems before publishing in the blog.


This activity was the one I enjoyed the most this term and that’s why I choose it for this eportfolio entry. I considered it as a challenge. I am not used to writing and is not something I enjoy because the moment I sit down to write I believe my creativity fades. This is why I thought this activity will be very hard and boring. However, it ended up surprising me. With the technique of following the steps, the activity got very quick and enjoyable. I kept following step by step and by the time I got to writing the poem, I had most of my ideas which make the task much easier. I think this activity showed me sitting down to write doesn’t have to be as I thought; it can be something you actually enjoyed. 


When doing the task I immediately connected it to a similar activity we had done in the literature class one year ago. In this one we had to create a poem as well. However, it was in paris and the procedure was completely different. This is why I thought it could be interest to compare and contrast the two activity which might seem similar, but had in my opinion, different results and experiences. In the activity we did last year I worked with Marcos Okecki and each pair should work on one significant place of Buenos Aires. We, wrote a poem on the Iglesia del Pilar located in Recoleta. However, in this activity we didn’t have any steps which resulted on a much harder activity for me. Despite the fact we were two and we could complement ideas, which made it easier, it was still harder than this year’s work because we started from cero. We hadn’t done any planning before or followed any steps. We had to write directly and sometimes I believe it is more organized and clear if we had planned the poem before. Although I didn’t like this part of the procedure, once the poem was written we had to transform it into a video, a poster, an audio, etc. We decided to transform it into a video and added several images which was actually a very interesting part of the activity. I think that writing a poem this year was the perfect opportunity to compare and realize what is easier for us when writing. Some may find it faster and more challenging to write directly and some, such as my case, may enjoy and need a planing before. 


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