Art – Creative Process

Art work I inspired myself in:

Artist: Cinta Vidal

Year: 2016

Technique: In all her art works, Cinta Vidal focuses on doing things upside down. By doing this she gives the drawing different perspectives and ways for us to see it/interpret it. Moreover, she is an artist that chooses to include a lot of details in her pieces of art. This is why she really focuses and dedicates her time for each art work. Last but not least, she does her drawings on wood instead of paper.

My artwork:

For this artwork, I decided to inspire on her and do a drawing which is upside down just like hers. This was a very defying activity for me and at first I was a little bit lost on where to begin. That was when I tried to reflect a message which was present in most of her pieces of art: the fact that everything has different perspectives and there can be many ways of seeing the same thing. The fact that there are two different ways to get to the same spot doesn’t mean that one of them has to be wrong.

At that point I thought about doing stairs, which will lead 4 different people to the same place. I considered that by doing this I would be able to tranmist the message I wanted to. That was when I did this plan:

I had the idea, however there were several things missing. For example, where were the staris going to join? What would be the spot the people would want to get? I started thinking: what would be something all of us can see in different ways but share at the same time? That was when I came up with the idea of doing the world in the middle. I ended up choosing to do that as all of us during our whole life have different ways of living it and may choose different paths to confront what life has for us. Dispite the different pathways, we end up in the same spot. That image was the one who would let me transmit what I desperately wanted.

Once I had solved that problem I focused on how I was going to draw the people. I had to do them  from the side as they are walking down the stairs. That was when I started to practice and copying from pictures, watching videos and reciving help from friends who knew how to do it and where willing to teach me.

Finally I started to draw the final version. I draw the world, the stairs the people. Then I had to paint it, and I decided to use water colors and color pencils. For the world and the background I used water colors. For the people I used color pencils and for the stairs I used both. I used at first water colors for the stairs but then decided on adding color pencils so that the shape could be really clear. Once I had finished painting I focus on correcting some details so that it could be actually finished. This is my final work:


I think I did my best to express the message as well as keep something from teh technique I had analysed from Cinta Vidal. I hope this one can be interpreted by everyone who watches my artwork as it is something we all have to have present in our day to day. At first it was a really challenging activity as I had choosen to work with pencil and have to pay attention to several details. However I think I was able to overcome all the obstacles and finish the piece of art.

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