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Trabajo Practico de Historia – Stalin en el Poder

En este trabajo de historia, trabaje con Ramiro Aizpiri, Luz Esteban y Sol Santayana. Trabajo historia – mandato de stalin from ValenRe

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Art – Creative Process

Art work I inspired myself in: Artist: Cinta Vidal Year: 2016 Technique: In all her art works, Cinta Vidal focuses on doing things upside down. By doing this she gives the drawing different perspectives and ways for us to see it/interpret it. Moreover, … Sigue leyendo

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Art as a form of creation – Instability in Venezuela

For this activity, where we have to chose a conflict that happens nowadays, I decided to talk about the crisis in Venezuela. I talked about the presidential crisis as well as the economic problems, and depicted the consequences for civilians. … Sigue leyendo

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