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Project on Human Physiology

In our biology class, our teacher asigned us a project on human physiology. In groups, we had to choose an organ of our body and create a poster in which we should include some information about it, located in our … Sigue leyendo

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Ted Talk

In our speaking skills class, our teacher asked 4 students to search for ted talks. The purpose of this was to use them as an example to learn how to prepare spechees. This is the ted talk that I choose: … Sigue leyendo

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History – Source Analysis

In our history class we have been reading a chapter about the Germans. Our teacher told us to analyse, in pairs or groups of three, 5 sources which our found in our history book. I worked with Belén Brito Peret. … Sigue leyendo

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Proyecto Scratch

La plataforma de Scratch puede ser usada para crear infinitos programas, desde muy complejos hasta más simples. El tiempo dedicado a crear un programa depende de la complejidad del trabajo a lograr(nuestro proyecto no puede ser muy complejo ya que … Sigue leyendo

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