Self Reflection Literature

Self reflection Literature

Now that we are in november, and the year is ending, our literature teacher asked us to do a self reflection of the year talking not only academically but personally as well. I believe that this has been a great year for me. Talking academically, i think that throughout this year i was able to acquire more information about how to analyse texts, or how to tackle essays that was very useful. Especially, as we had to sit for the IGCSE exams. These ones were what i worried most about this year and I saw them as a very difficult thing. However, along our classes we get to prepare in order to do them as best as we could. I was very worried about them mainly because the time is limited, and you have to work under pressure. Fortunately, i was able to learn how to do this. I mainly believe that prepare for them was a process that took a lot of time and that we have been working on since senior one. Because of all this preparation, all of us were able to be ready for them. Moreover, In my opinion, the classes with Pat were very good as she could explain us a lot of things. In addition, se gave us several opportunities to work in groups or pairs in which we could learn from our partner’s ideas and ways of working. Talking personally, I was able to organize myself in a better way and I wasn’t too stressed about schools tasks. By doing this, i was able to have more free time to spend with my friends and family. For all of these things, i am happy to say that this year was a great one and that I am very grateful for it!

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  1. Pat dijo:

    Valen!! You have had a great year and your essays have become more mature as regards thoughts and opinions!!
    Great work!

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