Descriptive Writing

Descriptive Writing

Task: Choose one of the following places and write a description about it. 200 words.

Place I choose:

    In the middle of the snow-covered mountains, there’s a huge and comfortable house made of wood and covered in pink and grey painting. While the top is wood-made, the bottom part is made of stone and surrounded by fresh and pale green grass. We can distinguish a house consisting of three large levels full of clear windows. Although the house’s colours are fading, this one has a very charming design and provides a cozy atmosphere.  The residence has a very spacious garden where you can smell the fresh scent of pines. This one is located in a quiet setting which provides a break from the noisy and crowded city.

    Through the several windows we can find in the house, we can see a magnificent landscape. This one includes tall and brown mountains covered in white snow, green beautiful trees located in a windblown grass and a pale sky. The old but marvelous residence fits with the surroundings perfectly. The fact that is placed in the mountains, guarantees a lot of space for the owners to use and also enjoy the incredible scenery.

    The building, made of wood and stone, has a rustic design which is very appealing and pleasant. I believe a lot of people would want to stay at this house as it not only provides a place to go with your family but also to rest and relax.

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