States of Matter

In our bilogy class we work with the three states of matter. To do so we entered to a link which has a simulation of what happenes with each state. Once we had already used the simulation we had to write a paragraph explainng the differences and similarities we noticed between them. I worked with Lucía Caviglione and this is our work:

The three states of matter that we can find are solids, gases and liquids.

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Between them we can find differences and similarities. On the one hand we can see differences between them. The first one is that the solid state is rigid and all the molecules are packed together. However, the liquid and gas states are not rigid at all and they don’t have a fixed shape. Furthermore, another difference we can find is that in solid and liquid states there is a fixed volume and molecules can’t expand so much. On the contrary, in gas states there is no fixed volume, molecules move a lot and they are not packed together.

On the other hand, we can also find similarities. One of them is that when the temperature increases, all the molecules spread out and separate from each other. However, it varies the time each state takes to do so.

Resultado de imagen para states of matter

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