In our biology class Ceci told us to watch as homework a video about mitosis and make a summaty about it. Once we finished we have to post it in our blogs. This is my summay of the video about mitosis:

Mitosis is a type of cell division done by all the cells in our body instead of sperm cells and egg cells, that cells are reproduce by another porcess called meiosis. This process is very important because if the cells don’t divide, it will be impossible for us to grow. Another important thing about mitosis is that this process is great for repair of damage.  When a cell divide because of mitosis, it creates identical daughter cells. Cells are not always reproducing, in fact, we can see in the cell cycle that most of the time is spent in a phase called interphase were the cells duplicate their genetic material,  grow and carry out their daily cell function. If you want cells to divide and create identical cells they have to have the same genetic material, DNA. The best way to organize the cell’s genetic material is in units called chromosomes. Our cells contain 46 chromosomes. So if you have 46 chromosomes you have to duplicate them in the interphase before mitosis starts if you want to create identical cells with 46 chromosomes. We tend to count chromosomes by the number of centromeres they present. Mitosis stages of division are prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. In the fisrt stage, prophase, the nucleus is still there and the chromosomes are seen. In the second stage, metaphase, the chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell and the nucleus is no longer there. In the third stage, anaphase, the chromosomes move away to the poles of the cells. In the last stage, telophase, the chromosomes are in the complete opossite and new nucei are being form.

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