Conversation Between the Big Three

A few weeks ago, in the history class, we read about the big three. Then the task was to separate in groups and create a conversation between Woodrow Wilson, David Lloyd George and Georges Clemenceau. Once you had made your conversation you had to recorded your self and create a voicethread.

Here is a slideshare so that you can read the conversation:

Here you have the voicethread:

Personal opinion about the project:

I think that this was a great project. In my opinion doing this we learnt more than if we had studied from the book because you have to create a conversation between the big three so you can understand more their aims and thoughts. Doing this project you have to know every detail of what they think, their opinions, what they wanted as compensation from the war or how they wanted to punish Germany. I think that the fact that you have to write the conversation instead of reading it is better because it’s easier to rember the information.

The part that I enjoy most about the project was that in addition to writing the conversation we had to record it. This made this project be different that the others and I find really funny to record a conversation as if we were the big three with my group.  To create a voicethread was what made this such an original project and add more to the project so that it wasn´t just writing a conversation between Woodrow Wilson, David Lloyd George and Georges Clemenceau.

If the class of senior one next year were going to do it again, honestly, I wouldn’t change anything of what we did this year. I think that they would enjoy it as much as all the class  did and they  would find it a very original and enjoyable project to do. In my personal opinion, this is a very exciting thing to do and  a project which makes you want to continue working the next class.


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