Analysis of the poem passion by Kathleen Raine

In the literature class,  we started talking about the poem Passion by Kathleen Raine. As homework for today,  we had to watched a video and analyse the poem. Today we shared our homework and do an analysis all together. Here i leave you what we did in class:

The themes for this poem that i thought for this poem are: love and nature.

Love: This  theme is very important in this poem. There is a woman who suffered by a loved one who abandoned her. All along the poem it is shown the  emotional state of this woman who doesn´t how to deal with this problem. At the end, she turns positive and she understood that her real love is nature. In conclusion, for me love is very present.

Nature:  I think that this theme it is also present in this poem and takes a very important place in it. This woman has a strong relation with nature. In the stanza four when nature told her  : “You have what you desire”, nature is trying to said her that she didn´t have to cry for love because she already have the love that she needs. At the end,  she realized that her real love is NATURE.

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