Description Mrs. Foster

I have known Mrs. Foster for a long time. She and my grandmother have been best friends since school. When i was little, every tuesday i went to my grandmother´s house to drink tea with her and Mrs. Foster.

  Physically, Mrs. Foster is a typical old woman in her late sixties with white curly hair, green eyes, rosy cheeks, oval face and thin lips. She always wears elegant clothes like dresses, pearl necklaces and sofisticated hats.

She has always been smart and patient. She has a pathologycal fear of being late to a plane, train or any special occasion, this makes her anxious and obsesive. When she is being late her left eye starts twitching. What i like about her is that she has always been lovely, loyal, respectful and good wife with her husband for a lot of years.

 Her hobbies have always been reading and writing. All along her life, she has published 3 books and made 2 plays that were very successful. Mrs. Foster likes reading all day, her favorite book is Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

In conclusion, although Mrs. Foster is a little crazy, i love her.

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